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Abdul Kareem Gani Wali

Abdul Kareem Gani Wali: (Around 1045 A.H)

                                          Abdul Kareem Gani Wali was a son of Ghazzalee of Kerala. Abdul Kareem Gani Wali was born at Calicut. He lived during 1045 A.H. His father came from Arabia and settled at Calicut. Ghazzalee Wali did business at Kerala and preached Islam.Abdul kareem Wali got married Sulaiman Waliyullah’s daughter. Saint Sulaiman chose Abdul Kareem as his son-in-law because he was a saint, a scholar and a businessman. Abdul Kareem Gani Wali’s descendants were called Vadakanar and now they are called Vilakku. Abdul Kareem Wali’s son Saeed Ali Wali composed poems in praise of his maternal uncle Saadakathulla Appa. Both Abdul Kareem Gani Wali and his son Saeed Ali were buried at Magudoom Palli graveyard. Saeed Ali Wali’s son name was Abdul Kareem. His sons were Fakkih Sulaiman Wali and Ahamed Muhyiddeen Wali.

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