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ஹரீரா பால்

(Cashew Milk)

Milk : 1 litre
Sugar : ¼ kg.
nuts + pista : 75 gms.
Raisins : 10 gms.
Pure ghee : 50gms.
Cloves : 2 nos.
Cinnamon : a small stick
Cardamom : 2 nos.

1. Soak the nuts in a hot water, for half an hour.
2. Boil the milk & take ¼ portion milk separately.

3. Grind the soaked nuts with ¼ portion milk.mix the mixture in ¾ portion





4. Stir continuously for few minutes & add the sugar. Remove from fire.

5. Heat the oil in a kadai, add the whole garam masala, raisins & cashew nuts, fry until golden brown.
6. Add this tempering to the milk, close the lid & serve hot.


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