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ஆட்டுநெஞ்செலும்பு சூப்

(Breast Bone Soup)

Lamb breast bone – 150 gms
Carrot – 100 gms
Potato – 100 gms
Tomato – 150 gms
Cumin – 10 gms
Snuff – 5 gms
Red chilies – 2 nos.
Poppy seed paste – 1 tbsp
Coconut – few
Ghee – 10 ml

1. Wash & cut in to pieces. Add sliced carrots, onions, curry leaves, sliced tomatoes, turmeric powder. Cook it for 20 minutes in the pressure cooker.

2. Grind finely together the poppy seeds, cumin, pepper corns.
3. When cooked strain the water separately. Mash the bone & vegetables thoroughly.
4. Combined the strained water & mashed bone and vegetables. Stir & again strain it.

5. Tempered with few finely chopped onions, whole garam masala, ginger garlic paste. Pour the bone mixture & make it



6. Remove the whole garam masala & serve hot.

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